Case Studies







Websilk is a leading creative web agency who specialise in digital marketing, web application development and high performing website design. They are a platinum Site nity partner who have won numerous awards for their work, in both the design and development space. As well as an extensive private industry client-base Websilk have signi cant market-share in the non-for-pro t and government sector. Because the nature of agency work means work schedules can be lumpy, there is often a requirement to scale up very quickly, and with specialised project requirements; as well as a need to have the capacity to hand-off entire projects, due either to an inability to manage it with current resource loads, or a recognition that it is best handled by a more specialist team.


For a number of years Websilk and Miller Gold have had an outstanding strategic business relationship, based on mutual respect and trust. This relationship is founded on consistent meeting of expectations from both sides, as well as continual performance and delivery. Having the ability to offer a range of high-quality project resources, Miller Gold assist Websilk in a number of ways. These include:

  • Scaling up and scaling down as required, often in very short time-frames, through onshore and offshore resource solutions
  • Provision of various types of expertise that is required that is not available in-house
  • Hand-off of entire projects, to be managed end-to-end by Miller Gold

Through its dual-shore resource solution focus, Miller Gold assists Websilk with managing an evolving pipeline of work. An example of this is the provision of short-term off-shore resources to handle smaller work like maintenance and bug- xing, or mid-term team-based development work. Alternatively, Miller Gold have provided long- term consultants, embedded in the internal team, across the project and development space. Miller Gold provide exibility to help Websilk grow.

Miller Gold have also managed entire end-to-end projects on behalf of Websilk for their clients. Due to the relationship that has been formed between Miller Gold and Websilk entire project hand-off includes the RFP and tendering process being managed by Miller Gold to give project understanding and continuity throughout the process.


Miller Gold is a trusted partner of Websilk and has been involved in the successful tendering and development of projects with the relationship being at all times an ongoing concern.

Often working on very short time lines, Miller Gold delivers viable solutions that allow Websilk to con dently manage pipelines with the key to this being the thought-based approach to solutions that other outsourcing companies so often fail to deliver due to a lacking of broad business knowledge and global business experience.

Recent specific project outcomes include:

  • Entire management of an end- to-end project developing a complex enterprise application built with Sitenity CMS on a highly truncated timetable. This project was completed with Websilk oversight and offshore project management on what was a high value project with variables and conclusions on development left to the team of Miller Gold.
  • E-commerce development projects include the production of websites with complex product offerings and also product heavy websites offering key modi cation and variation options.
  • Production of simple corporate landing project with a complex custom CRM system with multi user login permissions to manage access and content.