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SP Health

SP Health




SP Health was launched in 2006 and was on the BRW Fast Starter list for three years from 2009 for their comprehensive weight loss platforms. Key platforms throughout the health industry have resulted in awards being presented for the Amber Award ‘Best Online Application’; AIMIA’s ‘Best Health Website’. With their investment in research and online partner websites they are one of the most published health platforms in the world and currently operate offices in Sydney, London and Los Angeles.


As a growing technology-based organization SP Health has a number of legacy systems running alongside their more modern applications. Maintenance of these systems was carried out by an internal team, consisting of consultants from a number of agencies, and a permanent staff base primarily from a .NET background which was limiting the organizations ability to expand given the technology and cost impediments of their current structure.

Miller Gold was engaged to assist with this transformation to allow for a more cost effective structure and also expand the technology capabilities of the organization to include PHP development.


Finding the exact structure of the team that was needed required our consultants to understand the technology framework that was currently employed and the needs that were to be satis ed as the organization moved forward. Given the legacy systems and security that are currently employed across a number of the internal and proprietary applications, SP Health required capable senior management to oversee the work and client management that was taking place around the core platform while also being able to engage directly with the CMS which was currently employed – a system where there was limited knowledge outside of the organization.

Understanding the needs that would come in subsequent website and web application builds allowed for the analysis of a complimentary team to operate offshore for the delivery of customer and public facing web platforms along with content and maintenance advisory services. Offshore services would be primarily focused upon the delivery of brochure- based website builds with the core platform and application development to be maintained by the onshore resources.


Miller Gold delivered key management and product services to assist SP Health in being able to take their product development and architecture to the next level in Australia, while also delivering considerable cost savings on the previous model that was employed to maintain the core product alongside the expansion of their web development capabilities through the offshore resources of Miller Gold.

Key deliverables have included the updating of customer facing websites, and the ongoing development and maintenance within this space and supporting the content and marketing teams of SP Health. The partnership between the organisations has allowed for ongoing development tasks to be completed in a cost effective manner for SP Health while also giving them exibility and scalability options that were not previously available.